Our History

All facts about the vinyard

19th century
Establishment of the Engler farm

The Engler family has always been in abundance and has been involved in vine management ever since.

Rudolf Engler takes over the farm

Rudolf Engler, now 91 years old, takes over the farm from the previous generation. At that time, the courtyard was still in the middle of the village.


The Engler family, Rudolf Engler with his wife Adeline Engler and their son Wolfgang Engler, settle between Mengen and Biengen but still belong to the village community Quantities. They set up the current business and lay the foundations for the winery.

Takeover of the next generation

Wolfgang Engler takes over the business of his father, and the second generation now manages the resettled farm. Wolfgang is increasingly investing in vines and is also concentrating on growing asparagus and lamb's lettuce.

3rd Generation

Mathias Rudolf Engler was born in September 1988 as the first child of Regina and Wolfgang Engler.

Start of the family business

Mathias Engler joins the company of his father Wolfgang and grandfather Rudolf Engler. He also founds the Engler contracting company and invests in a harvester of the Ero brand.

4th Generation

John Rohan Engler was born in September 2018 as the first child of Alicia and Mathias Engler. Now four generations live at the resettled Engler farm.

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