Our vinyard

About us

We are Mathias and Alicia Engler, parents of two boys. Together we live in the fourth generation on the farm of Mathias’ parents and grandparents. Thanks to the grandparents, we do not live in the centre of the village, but outside of it. In the 1970s, the decision was made to abandon the paternal court and to rebuild it in the current position. We owe it to this venture today that the multi-generational farm exists in this size and offers us the opportunity and the basis to produce our wine and fine brandies. We also provide our asparagus and lamb’s lettuce, which we sell in addition to our wines and schnapps in the farm shop.

Our Vines

Take a look at our vineyards with their fascinating views of the Black Forest, Switzerland and the Vosges.

Our winery

May we introduce: our winery

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